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L-7 Technology was founded in 2000 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting agency in Texas. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

Founded by a U.S. Army veteran. Its mission is to continue to serve and protect.

About 550 service members a day leave military service, and 250,000 military members are expected to leave each year for the next five years. Many of these veterans are returning from service that included combat, and they are returning to a job market that most likely requires different work skills. The age ranges vary, but a majority of the veterans who will separate from military service are of working age. Transition is inevitable throughout life, and through change comes growth.

One way for military veterans to successfully transition may be related to choosing a career field that is growing each day. A cybersecurity career can offer transitioning veterans a chance to meaningful employment, and that field is experiencing a remarkable shortfall that presents organizations with a challenge to find trustworthy qualified applicants.

Veterans have aligned skills with cybersecurity fields although they may or may not have the technical skills. Currently, veterans have been conditioned to learn while in the military from on the job training and specialized training that offers intensive immersion into the trained topic. Additionally, military veterans possess attributes that could be attractive to employers that other workers may not possess such as understanding of need to know, intelligence gathering, planning and security clearances. Security Clearances are currently backlogged, sometimes taking as long as 18 months to complete, while also being very expensive for private organizations to obtain and maintain. In addition to possessing complimentary skills, veterans have been known throughout the workforce to possess planning and leadership skills that are needed in any position.

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